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For your royalty checks to be issued timely by Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. and delivered timely by the U. S. Postal Service, Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. must be notified in writing of all changes of address as soon as possible.  A postal forwarding order is insufficient and will result in royalty checks being returned to Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. and your account being suspended for bad address.

Click here for an Address Change Form.  Please be sure to include all owner numbers.  Additionally, if the owner on record is listed as more than one individual, signature is required by each and every person listedClick here for a Joint Owner Address Change Form.

Address changes will be implemented in the system as soon as possible upon receipt by Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc., however we must receive them at least 3 (three) business days before the 10th of the month to ensure the change is made before the following check run.
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