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Royalty checks are mailed on the 10th of each month or on the next business day if the 10th occurs on a weekend or holiday.  Please allow sufficient time for delivery by the postal service before contacting us to report you did not receive your check.

The checks are void 180 days after the issue date so please cash at your earliest convenience.

We do not replace checks less than 30 days old in order to give the Post Office sufficient time to deliver or return the check to us.  If you believe your check may be lost or stolen, you may request a replacement by contacting us at revenue@vefinc.com or call 903-581-4382.  You must include your owner number, name and the month of the check that you did not receive.  

If you find a stale-dated check, you may return it to the address below with a written and signed request for a replacement.

Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc.
Revenue Accounting
P O Box 7995
Tyler, TX  75711

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