Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc.

Our vision

As a company, we believe our current and future success depends on a highly motivated and skilled employee team, a sound strategic acquisitions program and the best application of efficient recovery methods.

About Us

Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. is a privately held acquisition and production company that specializes in enhancing the production of marginal gas wells. 

Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc.’s in-house business resources include human resources, accounting, land, operations, production, gas marketing and administrative teams to provide effective management of oil and gas properties. The company’s operations are managed by experienced field leadership and are supported by a top team of engineers, an acquisitions group and various other company and field personnel. To provide the highest quality of maintenance and ensure enhanced well production, the company has also developed a uniquely capable compression and machine shop.

The employees of Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. are known for the integrity, ingenuity, and commitment to purpose that are the cornerstones of the company’s success. Unity and team spirit, coupled with sound business, environmental and safety practices, make Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. an established and flourishing company in the industry.

Vernon E. Faulconer moved to Marion, Kansas in 1960 and entered the oil and gas business as an independent oil and gas operator. The main focus was to purchase marginal oil wells for the purpose of enhancing production. In 1970, Mr. Faulconer moved his oil and gas headquarters from Wichita, Kansas to Tyler, Texas. As a vehicle to operate the various oil and gas interests which had been accumulated over past years of operation, Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc. was formed in 1981.

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